2017 Canadian discount brokerage review & 2018 preview

JF Sabourin, President and CEO, Jitneytrade


By Jean-Francois Sabourin, President & CEO, Jitneytrade

In 2017, clients of Jitneytrade continued to trust us to handle their trading and order execution needs. Founded by traders, for traders, Jitneytrade offers its clients the ability to maintain their competitive edge through secure, fast and direct access to markets with tailored cutting-edge solutions.

This year, Jitneytrade continued to be a leading participant on the Montreal Exchange futures board. With well over 400,000 single stock futures contracts (a product that was reintroduced on the Montreal Exchange at the end of 2016) executed by the end of Q3 in 2017, as well as being a leading brokerage for execution of ten-year government bond futures, STIR futures, and equity options, Jitneytrade stands out for our ability to attract and support high volume trading clients.

Our ability to attract some of the largest independent traders, market makers, trading arcades and institutional traders in Canada is the result of a combination of our competitive pricing, performance and above all, outstanding service. That reputation for excellence in order execution has extended beyond Canada. In 2017, we have continued to expand our service footprint internationally, with clients reaching Canadian markets from Australia, China, the Netherlands, France, London and Germany.

Closer to home, Jitneytrade remains an active member of the Canadian capital markets trading community. We look forward to meeting with and supporting the trading community once again at the upcoming Canadian Annual Derivatives Conference in Montreal as well as at the many Trade Canada events and Equities Trading Conferences organized by the Toronto Stock Exchange.

In 2018, we look forward to continuing to service active, high volume and professional traders looking to get the most competitive pricing, professional technology and exceptional service in Canada.  In a landscape filled with off-the-rack solutions, we continue to stand out by offering a personalized approach that makes Jitneytrade the choice of professional traders and investors in Canada.

We wish all the traders and investors a safe and prosperous holiday season and continued success for the year ahead.

To learn more about Jitneytrade, visit their website at or view our profile of Jitneytrade here.

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