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Updated October 13, 2021

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InvestDirect by HSBC (short for Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) is one of a very small number of discount brokerages that lets you trade on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in addition to the North American stock exchanges. It is a subsidiary of HSBC Securities Canada Inc. and is the online brokerage of HSBC Bank Canada.

HSBC InvestDirect is an interesting option for individuals looking to do overseas stock trading in addition to trading on North American markets. Clients have access to 30 domestic and international markets and the ability to settle transactions in 10 different currencies. One thing that has to be factored in for pricing is the foreign exchange rates, as InvestDirect doesn’t offer US dollar registered accounts (TFSAs, RRSPs, and RESPs).

The pricing, account balance, and trading volume requirements for best commission pricing have been lowered to be more competitive with the other Canadian online brokers. There are some inactivity fees that are levied if your account balance falls below $10,000 on non-registered accounts or if your trading activity is less than once per quarter. That said, from a pricing perspective, if you are an active trader who wants the flexibility of international trading, you may want to consider HSBC. If you are a less-active trader, you need to know what your investing or trading requirements on a monthly basis will be in order to calculate if HSBC InvestDirect will be the most cost-effective option for you.

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NatWest used to be £23 per share and now in reality the £2.40 share price you see is actually £0.24 pence because of a historical 10 to 1 share consolidation. I wouldn’t touch this share because it’s a known lemon or risky of a company, yet some people do like the risk of trading. As for investing in stocks, it depends on your risk tolerance and what you’re looking for. For example, some stocks like National Grid will offer a dividend yield of 4.3% and been consistent in paying it out and some stocks won’t pay dividends yet you’ll see the share price rise. I suggested National Grid because all the do is maintain and run the energy transmission infrastructure to households (electricity and gas) in UK and parts of US. It’s a boring regulated sector, but is the future in terms of being a monopoly and increase gas or electricity consumption. You to do your own research as investing in stocks is risky as you can lose more than what you put in if unlucky. If you wanna invest in shares the select a stockbroking company which will allow you to transfer some or all your cash isa into that stock and shares isa. For example, HSBC investdirect offers this but I’m sure there’s other companies which can do the same. For example, part of Jarvis is good too. As
<That FX fee is tiny! I need to look into these Only beaten by HSBC as far as I know, that have always applied the interbank rate on HSBC investdirect plus.
**Accounts without per annum charges** X-O - (FX rate of ~1.2%) + (0.1% CDI charge minimum $20) + £5.95, £60 closure fee Degiro - 0.1% FX, €0.50 + $0.004 per share . Doesn't fall under remit of FSCS. **No ISA** Charles Schwabb - Minimum account size $25k, zero trading fee, though it does sound like they make some money by routing your trade to their preferred supplier (last I read up on it, IIRC). Not sure how you get money into the account and whether you pay any FX charge on it. Doesn't fall under remit of FSCS. **No ISA** **Accounts with per annum charges** Freetrade - 0.45% fx, ISA has £36 per annum account fee's, zero trading fees IG Index - £100 per annum fee, £10 per trade, 0.5% fx HSBC Investdirect Plus - £42 per annum fee, $30 per trade, 0% fx **Accounts currently closed to new customers** Trading 212 - 0.1% fx, zero account fee's, zero trading fees - currently not accepting new customers
HSBC InvestDirect might be a possibility. They allow you to buy LSE shares so they might allow a transfer.
I called HSBC InvestDirect and they only allow CAD-dominated securities to be in RRSP/TFSA accounts. Not even USD-dominated securities. HSBC is a no go for BABA shares in a registered account.