RBC Direct Investing Review 2022

Updated June 16, 2022

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  • Standard Equity Commission
  • Best Commission Price
  • Minimum to Open Account
    Not Required
  • Maintenance/Inactivity Fees
  • Commission-free ETF Trading
  • Young Investor Offer
    Yes (students)


3.5/5 (3)

RBC Direct Investing has been working toward improving the functionality, pricing, and features of their online trading platform. In 2014, they caused a major pricing shift amongst Canadian online brokerages by lowering their standard commission pricing to $9.95 per trade.

As a bank-owned brokerage, RBC Direct Investing offers the convenience of being able to manage multiple financial products via the RBC online platform. The integration with RBC banking plans may enable clients to avoid paying certain account fees at RBC Direct Investing.

Another thing that makes RBC Direct Investing stand out from their bank-owned online brokerage peers is their community feature. The community section allows comparison with other investors, provides educational support, and contains a moderated forum for asking questions to the community or RBC Direct Investing.

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What do people think of RBC Direct Investing?

Since you’re with RBC have you considered RBC direct investing? It’s very similar to National Bank’s platform. If you go with RBC DI and use code “WDF11” you get 100 free trades.
Stock events or divtracker. Im also in Canada.. i trade with RBC direct investing. $9.99 trading fees.. i think wealthsimple is cheaper
iShares, BMO, and Vanguard are have low cost index fund ETFs. The important thing is to have your high level investment plan sketched out first - write it down! You want to specify the actions you're going to take, i.e. deposit $200 per week and let it pile up in the account, you're going to buy ETF units when your balance is high enough to justify the commission, and you're going to buy a specific low cost ETF index. An example would be Vanguard's global index ETF, but you can pick whatever you want to pick. Just make sure you pick a passive, low cost ETF that is well diversified. As someone else pointed out, you want to be careful with commissions on RBC Direct Investing. If you use RBC you might want to make a smaller number of trades, i.e. you could put in your $200 per week but then only buy ETF units when you have at least $1,000 deposited.
Anyone else getting so frustrated with RBC Direct Investing. Call in and the mindless bot keeps asking the same question and ONLY want more and more information. Finally get through and a human bot answers who is incapable of using her brain but rather can only read word for word the scripted answers from her training book. Finally get through to someone after 2 attempts (the initial bot, then the human bot). Any suggestion on find a better trading platform?
Carol Bedesky
@RBC Direct Investing, view orders.