BMO InvestorLine Review 2022

Updated March 15, 2022

Quick Info

  • Standard Equity Commission
  • Best Commission Price
  • Minimum to Open Account
    Not Required
  • Maintenance/Inactivity Fees
  • Commission-free ETF Trading
    Yes (80+ BMO, iShares and Vanguard ETFs)
  • Young Investor Offer
  • Compare to Another Brokerage


2.9/5 (3)

BMO InvestorLine is the discount brokerage arm of Bank of Montreal (BMO) Financial Group. Like other bank-owned online brokerages, BMO InvestorLine is able to offer the convenience of integration with other BMO online services as well as in-branch accessibility with representatives.

In a recent change to their pricing structure, BMO InvestorLine launched commission-free ETF trading for a list of more than 80 ETFs.

Typically, BMO InvestorLine is the most active amongst bank-owned brokerages in offering promotions.

BMO InvestorLine consistently ranks well across reviews, although not necessarily earning top spot in some of the major reviews.

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What do people think of BMO InvestorLine?

BMO investorline has a list of over 80 commission free etfs and the research tools and morningstar reports are pretty good
Very interesting project you have started. I’m building a covered call/cash secured put model. (Wheel) Just working through the specifics of what I would need with a couple active positions so far. Historical End of Day Bid/Ask/Market is interesting, calculating whatif’s on price movements more interesting, and real-time on a single ticker to roll position to a new month is maybe the most interesting. I’m using ICE Web Start via BMO Investorline but it lacks the customizability to see what options I might have for rolling a position into a new period and my potential profits from doing this.
wealthsimple, national Bank, BMO investorline, and most recently Scotia Itrade are all free commissionon most of the popular ETFs. wealthsimple offers free commission and fractional shares on stocks. IIRC TD also offers free commission on TD only ETFs
hop on chat support and ask them to DRS your shares. I believe the fee is still $300 to do so. The other option is to set up an account with BMO investorline and have your shares transfered there. Once they arrive at there support and ask to have the shares DRS'd (it's free through BMO). Make sure you reference your computershare account number when requesting to DRS shares; this way they will be put into the same account.
Suprising. Bmo investorline was easy to deal with. 3 days to transfer to cs. Now this was back in november so I am sure things have changed