CIBC Investor’s Edge Review 2022

Updated October 13, 2021

Quick Info

  • Standard Equity Commission
  • Best Commission Price
  • Minimum to Open Account
    Not Required
  • Maintenance/Inactivity Fees
  • Commission-free ETF Trading
  • Young Investor Offer
    Yes (students)


As a bank-owned online brokerage, CIBC Investor’s Edge offers online trading clients the ability to manage and access products from its banking arm.

Like their peers, CIBC Investor’s Edge offers online trading in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds. They also have pricing plans for standard and active traders/investors.

CIBC Investor’s Edge Full Review

What Account Types does CIBC Investor’s Edge offer?


    Registered Accounts

    Non-Registered Accounts

Account Fees & Requirements for CIBC Investor’s Edge


    Registered Accounts

    Non-Registered Accounts

Trading Commissions & Fees provided by CIBC Investor’s Edge


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What do people think of CIBC Investor’s Edge?

Settling Nomad
@KaranAgarwal88 @CanadianDivide2 Hi Karan I use CIBC Investor’s Edge, $4.95 per transaction. I don’t trade much so this is fine. 😊
I use BMO InvestorLine also and it’s great for me. The legacy site and the newer version 2 are both fine. When I move money from my BMO account to one of my InvestorLine accounts I can trade immediately. The best “feature” though is commission free transactions on a large selection of ETFs. So I buy shares every week when I get new funds and don’t pay a dime. My only complaint is that it takes longer for dividends to be deposited as opposed to CIBC Investor’s Edge and RBC Direct Invest.
DRS for me is supposed to take four to six weeks. CIBC Investor’s Edge. I started the process eight days ago and they still aren’t letting me actually DRS because there’s such a huge backlog of people doing the same thing they said. So they told me to call them again (for the FIFTH TIME) on Monday.
Curious to know more about what types of **** happens to you. I’m with CIBC Investor’s Edge. One weird thing that sometimes happens: Let’s say I get on the ask to sell an option; I’m asking the new low price. As I’m sitting there, alone on the ask, all of a sudden, I see “on the board” that a trade just got filled at my ask price. Someone’s sale sell got filled, but not mine! CIBC tells me that this will only happen to me to fulfill someone’s multi-leg order. It really sucks when my order doesn’t ever get filled, but someone or some market maker gets the chance to sell at the price I asked first!
Anyone on here using CIBC Investor’s Edge?