Scotia iTRADE Review 2022

Updated October 13, 2021

Quick Info

  • Standard Equity Commission
  • Best Commission Price
  • Minimum to Open Account
    Not Required
  • Maintenance/Inactivity Fees
  • Commission-free ETF Trading
  • Young Investor Offer
    Yes (Age: 18 - 26)


1.9/5 (4)

Scotia iTrade, a subsidiary of Scotia Capital, is a bank-owned online brokerage that is active in providing investor education as well as trading platforms geared towards advanced or active traders. In addition, they are one of the only bank-owned online brokerages to offer commission-free ETF trading. Scotia iTrade has also lowered their standard commission pricing to be more in line with other Canadian online brokerages.

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    Registered Accounts

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What do people think of Scotia iTRADE?

I got a response this morning: “Hello Mr. [Ape], Thank you for choosing Scotia iTRADE. My name is Hetash and I will be happy to assist you. In regards to the GME split we have been informed we are aware of the communication released by Gamestop Corp (GME) indicating that the Corporate Action should be treated as a stock dividend payout. Our team is currently working to gather additional information. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this matter. For further assistance, please respond to this email…”
Or, as in the case with Scotia iTrade, the mechanism to setup DRIP is the exact same to setup their Dividend Purchase Plan, so either way your dividends get automatically reinvested without fees. However, I got caught off guard when a ticker dropped their DRIP plan. I assumed the DPP took over. It doesn’t. I had to cancel the DRIP and add the DPP even though the end result is the same (from a UI perspective)
**I would recommended changing to a "better" broker.** The thought has crossed my mind. There are several aspects to Scotia iTrade that I really like but the web-face seems frozen in time. The data streaming applet runs on Java which can be challenging to update.
Haha! After they make it over to CS. I don't trust Scotia iTrade to do anything right.
Canadian Jennifer 🇨🇦
@PeterELitchfie1 I use Scotia iTRADE. I do like it. I have TD as well but use scotia more.