CG Direct Review 2022

Updated February 23, 2022

Quick Info

  • Standard Equity Commission
  • Best Commission Price
  • Minimum to Open Account
  • Maintenance/Inactivity Fees
    $125/Year and $20/Month
  • Commission-free ETF Trading
  • Young Investor Offer


In 2018, full-service brokerage firm Canaccord Genuity acquired independent discount brokerage Jitneytrade and renamed it CG Direct. CG Direct is now the online brokerage arm of Canaccord Genuity, and it caters specifically to active traders.

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What Account Types does CG Direct offer?


    Registered Accounts

    Non-Registered Accounts

Account Fees & Requirements for CG Direct


    Registered Accounts

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How can I contact CG Direct customer support?



Customer Service Hours

Monday to Friday : 8:00AM - 4:30PM ET

Mailing Address

360, Saint-Jacques Street West, Suite G-102 Montreal (Québec) Canada H2Y 1P5

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What do people think of CG Direct?

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I think Nord is probably the best as long as U haven't hit them before and u have like a small order. Might even work on a fresh account. I mean u could try CG direct yourself but yea, they doing a long investigation 4-6 weeks, maybe longer rn with Covid.
I’ve made an CG direct inquiry, never heard of them before but I’ll definitely see what they have to offer, I appreciate your input!! How do you know about them?(Used their services before?)
If you want to view the numbers as an issue, time has shown that i cant stop you. That's fine, i just disagree for the reasons I've stated. < "The implication is Harbinger directed the monsters there to prevent Link from finding the sword." Why would enemies being in the forest mean Harbinger directed them there? Did CG direct all the enemies in BotW to be exactly where they are?
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As you noticed there are currently are no direct commission programs for finance professionals, since there USCG does not have specialized finance officers like the other services do. If you're open to a variety of assignments, the reserve direct commission/ROCI program is only a 3 week boot camp, which is similar to other CG direct commission programs.
Going into the CG Reserves is pretty easy. "Former officers of the Coast Guard or Navy who are within one year of the effective date of resignation of their commission" may apply directly to the Regular-to Reserve panels which are held quarterly. Going directly into active duty officer from AD Navy is more difficult. You'd need to qualify for and be selected by a CG direct commission program. and get the Navy to release you with a DD-368. Given that you're a nuke, you probably would qualify for the Direct Commission Engineer program; but you'd need to check the program pre-reqs. DCE can bring people in at a LTJG or LT, but it's not common, and often other services lose rank switching over. Your time for longevity pay raises would carry over though. Officers are expected to be worldwide deployable. While there is a level of control in picking assignments, and the work/life balance is certainly better than the Navy, you're not going to be able to definitively say you're going to stay in New York your entire career, or even your first tour. Sector NY isn't really a highly sought after positions though, so your odds are pretty good if you requested to go there. There isn't a District office or a lot of Cutters up there though (D1 is managed out of Boston); so that area would provide greater stability.
Fellow undergrad here trying to become a CG rotary wing pilot. I've gone through the process of applying for this program called the College Student Precommissioning Initiative and have been accepted. No official CG stuff happening on my end yet but I'm fairly familiar with how this will pan out for you and I provided you take the same or similar route. There are 4 routes to becoming an officer in the CG. Direct Commission with a specialty (DCE for example), getting into OCS as a reserve officer after graduation, the Academy, or CSPI. If I read correctly, you are still a junior. This would make you eligible for the CSPI SLRP. After you're accepted into this program you can apply for this other subprogram called the Wilks Flight Initiative which guarantees you a spot in Navy flight school where you will train and end up getting your wings to fly CG. The first hurdle you will have to overcome is finding out whether UW Seattle actually is an eligible University for the program. Other schools are considered on case by case basis. You'll have to speak with your recruiter about the specifics. I will tell you now that a STEM degree is favored for flight school, so you would have a good chance of getting there with enough hard work and dedication. PM me if you have any other questions.
**** I have been needing a new parks and this is hella tempting....CG direct reviews aren't the best tho.
It should be fairly easy to find some BMs to discuss careers with, especially once you are in and in A school. I was 28 when I came to CG (direct commission from another service), and there is nothing wrong with being a "late bloomer." So you have plenty of time to consider what you want to do; I think the max age for OCS is early 30's. From what I know, it's common to get an afloat billet right out of OCS, so it will be easy to try that on for size and then consider whether you might prefer Response Ashore. You can still get special assignments and (CG sponsored) post-grad opportunities during an afloat career, so I think the better focus is what you want your daily job to be.
Can't wait for 1437 tweet begging for CG direct invite. :< edit: wtf choke gaming
The CG direct rewards are very low. But Imp wings have been more successful in hunting FED cargos than FED wings in smashing them. Im not on TS, but it looks like a missed opportunity.
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Did you order from CG direct or Amazon? Got it during their Memorial Day sale and it wasn't BO'd.