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Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup – Oct. 5th 2012


Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup: As we roll into October, the Canadian discount brokerage industry continues to show signs of competitive evolution.   First, the huge news released earlier this week that Questrade will transition into clearing its own trades via an in-house clearing division (currently pending regulatory approval).  By replacing their current clearing agent (Penson Financial Services Canada), Questrade believes they ... Read More »

Questrade Inactivity Fees Take Effect


Halloween isn’t the only scary event to come along this October.  Beginning this month, Canadian discount broker Questrade officially starts charging for inactivity fees – $19.95 per quarter to be exact. Once billed as the “no fee” discount brokerage, Questrade faced a strong backlash from its client base on Canadian deal site back in May of this year when ... Read More »

Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup – Sept. 28/12


Discount Brokerage Weekly roundup: This week, we learned of a couple of major developments in the Canadian discount brokerage marketplace that  are likely to reshape the competitive landscape.  First, the major news that optionsXpress Canada is putting a hold on opening new Canadian accounts.  We found out from optionsXpress that out that for now this is a temporary measure while ... Read More »

thinkorswim Canada almost ready to accept new clients


One of the best rated stock and options trading platforms, thinkorswim, looks like it will be opening its doors again for Canadian investors.  From various conversations with TD Waterhouse discount brokerage representatives, traders and investors alike,  regaining access to the thinkorswim platform for Canadian discount brokerage clients has been widely anticipated.  Finally, it seems that there is a definitive timeframe ... Read More »

Taking a time out – optionsXpress Canada holding off on new Canadian accounts


As an update to our earlier story regarding optionsXpress Canada and their suspension on accepting new Canadian discount brokerage accounts, we received the following official statement from Schwab, the owner of optionsXpress Canada: “We are in the process of evaluating each business for strategic fit as part of the ongoing integration of Schwab and optionsXpress. To facilitate this process, we ... Read More »

Pit Trading – A “handy” how-to infographic


Even though trading floors and exchanges have largely been replaced by server rooms filled with boxes of computer parts, there are still some places in the world where the movement of money or commodities is governed by people who can yell the loudest.  Welcome to the world of outcry pit trading, a place that redefines “hand to hand” combat. While ... Read More »

OptionsXpress Canada Suspends Accepting New Canadian Clients


Conditions in the discount brokerage space seem to have taken their toll on OptionsXpress Canada. has learned that, as of mid September 2012, OptionsXpress Canada has suspended accepting new accounts from Canadians and has no plans to continue accepting new accounts from Canadians in the near future. We will continue to monitor this as more details become available.   Read More »

The Mighty TFSA


Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) Many of you are probably familiar with the saying: “the only sure things in life are death and taxes.” Well, as of January 2009 there’s been a little ray of hope as far as those taxes are concerned.   In February of 2008 the Canadian Minister of Finance (Jim Flaherty) announced a new program would start ... Read More »

Discount Brokerage Weekly Round Up – Sept. 21/2012


Discount Brokerage Weekly roundup: The big news this week in the world of Canadian online discount brokerages was the release of the 2012 JD Power & Associates Canadian Discount Brokerage Investor Satisfaction Survey results.  With Disnat coming out on top, followed by BMO Investorline and National Bank Direct Brokerage, the survey showed that while Canadian discount brokerages are improving, they ... Read More »