Canadian Discount Brokerage Reviews – by Brokerage

One of the biggest benefits and challenges for self-directed investors when it comes to opening a discount brokerage account is navigating the amount of choice there is.

The competition between Canada’s online brokerages has driven commission prices lower and motivated discount brokerages to work harder to earn the business of their existing and potential clients. While the benefits are welcomed, they also come at a price: complexity and volume of information.  In a bid to get your attention (and business) discount brokerages have created lots of marketing information to sift through, much of it confusing. As a result, individuals hoping to find objective, current and easy to understand information on discount brokerages often find themselves staring into an abyss of search engine results layered in outdated and/or heavily biased reviews as well as cleverly engineered advertising.

And that’s where we’ve stepped in. To help investors save time with their online brokerage research, and to give them a better quality resource to turn to, we have created reviews related to understanding how to choose a discount brokerage.

For each of the Canadian discount brokerage reviews (see links below), the pricing and fee information has come directly from the discount brokerage’s website. While we strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, however, we still highly recommend visiting a brokerage’s website to confirm the latest pricing information.

In addition to pricing, each review contains information on account types, platforms and the research and rankings that have been done by other third-parties (such as the Globe and Mail or J.D. Power & Associates for example).

None of the discount brokerages have paid us to do these reviews; these reviews are simply done to help self-directed investors compare discount brokerages more efficiently.

The 14 Canadian online brokerages currently reviewed include:

Whether you are interested in comparing all online brokerages at once or drilling down to find out more about a specific brokerage, we hope you find our resources helpful in doing your research and encourage you to share this free resource to help others save time with their research.

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