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The Mindless Investor Chapter 6 – The Little Guy Has An Advantage

Mindless Investor - Ch. 6 - Feature Image

Highlights of this Chapter – The Mindless Investor Chapter six of The Mindless Investor looks at the advantages that everyday investors have over the bigger players.  As it turns out, smaller investors have better maneuverability and lower performance hurdles.  What it takes for smaller investors to succeed is a strategy that fits their size. Key Point #1: Use your size …

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Special Series: Review of Globe and Mail’s Discount Brokerage Rankings – Part I


Introduction As part of our continued look at Canadian discount brokerage rankings, we review the longest running comparison and ranking of Canadian discount brokerages: The Globe and Mail’s annual ranking of online brokers, which had its start back in 1999. In part one of this series, we go through how we conducted the review, who the rankings are aimed at, the …

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4 things for do-it-yourself investors to look out for in 2013


If you are a self-directed investor prepare for even more marketing, incentives and competition for your business in 2013.  With modest trading volumes and account openings in 2012, a gun-shy investor base and increased downward pressure on commission pricing, discount brokerages will be trying very hard to win new business in 2013 but also to keep their existing clients from …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 5 – Think Like a Trader


Highlights of this Chapter Chapter 4 of The Mindless Investor was an interesting look at how Tyler got his start and progressed as a trader and we highly recommend taking a look at it. In keeping with the more instructive nature of this series of reviews, we chose to move ahead to chapter 5, which builds on the idea that …

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All’s fair in love, war and investing


An interesting article was published on claiming that clients of financial advisors who are also investing through self-directed accounts are “cheating” on their advisors.  While the tone of the question presumes that somehow individuals are betrothed to their financial advisors, what is more troubling is the construal of investors as “cheaters” for seeking out other services. The article reports …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 3: Be a Trader – Chapter Review

Mindless Investor - Chapter 3

Highlights of Chapter 3 – The Mindless Investor This brief chapter in The Mindless Investor focuses on what “being a trader” means.  According to Tyler, becoming a competent trader means first understanding what kind of trading style best suits the reader. The key points covered by this chapter are that trading is not gambling, successful trading takes effort and, and …

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Special Series: J.D. Power & Associates – Discount Brokerage Rankings Data Visualized

discount brokerage rankings

How to use the Visual Discount Brokerage Rankings Table We’ve collected the results from the J.D. Power and Associates Investor Satisfaction survey from 2012 (Table 1) as well as historical results from 2009-2012 (Table 2).  To help visualize how the different discount brokerages have performed on the surveys relative to other discount brokerages, we’ve created small graphs called “sparxlines”.  Each …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 2: Everyone Wants Your Money – Chapter Review

Mindless Investor - Ch.2 - Feature Image

Highlights of Chapter 2 – The Mindless Investor Three key points that are covered in this chapter of The Mindless Investor all revolve around investors taking responsibility for their financial decisions. Understanding that trading is a battle, that the market is filled with competing interests and that “the market” itself can be a source of information are key for self-directed …

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