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Social Media and Investing – Tumblr


Introduction There are various resources one can use when researching investing information or investment opportunities. Social media is increasingly becoming one of those channels. We continue our series on using social media tools to discover or learn about investment opportunities, strategies or resources, by focusing on the microblogging platform and social network Tumblr. What is it? Founded in February 2007, Tumblr …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 8 – You Should Not Do Fundamental Analysis


In chapter 8 of The Mindless Investor, the spotlight is on a popular approach to investing – fundamental analysis and why, according to Tyler Bollhorn, it is an inefficient approach for most small investors/traders to take when evaluating opportunities to invest in. The apparent popularity of fundamental analysis might not be driven by whether or not it works, but rather …

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Social Media and Investing – Pinterest


Pin-vesting Social media is increasingly becoming a channel that people are turning to online in order to learn and research when investing. As part of our series on using  social media tools to discover or learn about investment opportunities, strategies or resources, we start by focusing on the third largest social network known as Pinterest. What is Pinterest? Launched in …

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Social Media and Investing – Series Introduction

Social Media and Investing

Investors are always on the hunt for information that will put them one step ahead of everyone else in the market. In the past, the sources of information for investors included newspapers and television news programs, company annual reports, investment advisors and brokers, the stock exchange itself as well as investor conferences and tradeshows just to name a few.  Countless …

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Getting to the bottom of who’s on top of Canada’s discount brokerage market


In search of Canada’s best discount brokerage Getting to the bottom of who’s on top in the Canadian discount brokerage market is a lot trickier than it seems.  After all, one would assume that winning the crown of “best discount brokerage” is fairly difficult to do and also when a discount brokerage gets that award, it means they’re actually “the …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 7 – Don’t Be Average


Chapter 7 of The Mindless Investor focuses on the idea that aiming to be average is only going to get you average results.  In order to outperform the market, individual investors have to be willing to use tools and strategies that are different from “conventional” approaches.  It is important to remember that trading involves one party being right and one …

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Digging for Opportunities with a Mercenary Geologist – An Interview with Mickey Fulp


If there’s one truth about a mercenary – it’s that they mean business. In a resource conference filled with stories, opinions and “potential”, it’s a challenge for professionals and novices alike to identify real opportunities from the pipe dreams.  Enter a mercenary geologist. We had a chance to speak to Mickey Fulp, otherwise known as “The Mercenary Geologist” about his …

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3 Tips For Do It Yourself Investors Researching Online


In another discount brokerage survey confirming that Canadian do it yourself investors are turning to online resources to help manage their financial futures, TD Direct Investing recently released results of a survey it commissioned in December 2012 that explored the online habits of Canadians.   According to the TD Direct Investing survey, convenience, control and content are what online channels of …

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Special Series: Review of Globe and Mail’s Discount Brokerage Rankings – Part II


In part one of this series, we looked at the background of the Globe and Mail discount brokerage rankings as well as how they’re structured and who they’re targeted towards. In this next part, we take a detailed look at what the discount brokerage rankings are actually measuring and some interesting observations we made about the Canadian discount brokerage industry …

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