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    Joshua Daniels

    Going a bit against the tide here, but I’ve had a great experience with VB so far. Best fee structure for beginner investors, bar none. The UI for their WebTrader platform isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough. I think VB should be applauded for their mix of reasonable cost and user-friendliness. Thank you for your analysis.

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    Thanks for the comment Phil. Sorry to hear you’ve had a struggle getting access to your funds. Would you be able to share the background on the story (i.e. how did the money end up getting held) to help others from potentially avoiding the situation? Hope this works itself out in your favour soon!

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    VB has the worst customer service that I’ve ever experienced. They’ve held $2000 in their “vault” and not my account for more than 2 months and I’ve been trying to get this money back ever since via phone and e-mail. This is a huge amount of money for me and the way that they respond to me is unacceptable. They talk to you like you’re 4.

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    Thanks for your comment John – I think you make an important point about the difference between comments that are constructively critical vs. those that are just critical without evidence. While the latter might be due to frustration (or malice), the former are helpful in driving positive change which ultimately benefits other investors and hopefully result in positive change by the provider.

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    [Comment Edited by Moderator]I read about every trading platform and i always find someone complaining about them, whether its td direct investing, questrade or virtual brokers, theres always someone complaining.
    As far im concerned if people have real issues with any trading platform, they should be detailing the evidence online and not through a lousy comment.

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    Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you had (or are having) a bad experience – for the benefit of other readers, can you provide any additional details (i.e what kind of request you are having difficulty with, how long you’ve been a client)? Hope you get a speedy (and positive) resolution!

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    Run screaming away from Virtual Brokers! Terrible to deal with. Unusable trading website. Still fighting with them.

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    Ken Y

    Virtual Brokers offers three pricing plans: “The Penny” plan, a “per trade” plan and a “per share” plan. As such, what you pay for a trade depends on[See the full post at:]

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    I would recommend VB to every body. they are back on track with good service and with the least commission in the world. I have been with them for 3 years now, I had some problem with them back in early 2013 but now everything is back to normal and I hope it stays this way…

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    Thanks for your comment Steve. Interactive Brokers is a popular choice for very active traders however depending on the order volumes being executed, pricing can become greater than what someone would pay with flat pricing at other brokerages. I agree that if registered accounts become available at IB, that would really be a challenge to the other brokerages out there. For very active traders having a great/stable platform, reliable data, reasonable costs, really good record keeping and responsive service are selling points.

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