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    Thanks for your post. The outage took its toll on a lot of folks last week so you’re not alone when it comes to expressing frustration over it. We covered the responses from fellow WebBroker users here (in the Tweets of the week).

    With regards to compensation, it may be worthwhile to call TD Direct Investing to discuss how they can set things right.

    Best of luck!

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    Vickie Dubrovsky

    it is unacceptable that webbroker have technical problems at opening and during the trading day. It is potential loss of funds for clients and is totally frustrating. There should be compensation given to clients when this happens. As well, managers who have anything to do with such events need to be held accountable.

    September 30, 2015

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    d rawsthorn

    Just found out that suddenly, TD Direct investing customers who were used to Level II streaming quotes with their package (you know, scan the bids & asks for various trading blocks & place a trade accordingly), will now have to pay $29 a month for that privilege, through Advanced Dashboard. The disclaimer being, if you make 30 trades per month then it’s “free”. Seems that TD Direct is not wanting those low volume traders, they just want trading volume. Shotgun traders with money to burn. If you make one trade a month, that’s going to be $38.99 if you want to see what others are bidding for that stock through Advanced Dashboard, buy or sell. Used to be $43 a trade to phone a broker to make a trade. What’s next, full service commissions? Real Time Quotes doesn’t do it for this investor, when I want to see the Big Picture before I make a trade. All it does is give you the last trade made. I want to see the line up to justify their $9.99 fee vs $43 full on broker.

    Checked TD Ameritrade and streaming Level II quotes are FREE for their non-professional US clients. That’s you & me. Double standard there, TD. Canadian clients are seen to be subsidizing your US customers for that service. When I telephoned TD Direct to inquire as to what happened to streaming quotes, the client service rep seemed surprised that I hadn’t been notified.

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    Wow, I’m surprised to see so many negative comments. I’ve been a TD customer for many many years and manage a sizable self directed portfolio in four separate accounts, as well as HELOCs and regular accounts. I’ve used other online brokerages and so have some real comparison. The research material on TD is exemplary. The integration with all my banking accounts is clear and convenient. The recent addition of the ‘performance’ functions in the trading accounts is awesome. Clear charts and numbers. The interface is superior to others I’ve used. My only request for enhancements would be within the portfolio manager.. (to allow me to import a .csv file with historical data) and that it is faster in it’s searches and results.

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    What’s with the CONSTANT problems that TD Waterhouse online WebBroker has?
    I believe they need to totally re-do their technology platform as it crashes so often… Today it is intolerable (see Brenda above). They should be ashamed of this terrible website. They either can not handle the volumes of trades they get or they have not maintained technology currency.
    They also seem to think it’s ok to take the site down for upgrades. Wake up TD, this is a 24x7x365 world! We on the west coast especially do not appreciate being down as early as midnight! They don’t publish relevant service levels for incident management or technical currency and I wonder if they have them. Their phone-in Customer Service is generally very good but wait times are way too slow during these incidents. Their online customer satisfaction surveys are a joke – there is no opportunity to tell them what we really think – very slanted questions. We need excellent process management (incident, problem, change, customer satisfaction etc) for online brokers – TD you don’t got it!
    TD – Get over telling us you are the Peoples’ Bank… you are NOT!

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    Td online trading site is always having issues. today is the last straw. no online trading available. Due to a technical issue, certain security symbols are currently unavailable for Order Entry and Real-Time Quotes in WebBroker and on our Mobile App.
    Which means you cant trade anything online until they fix another issue, But you can phone in your orders if you have the time to wait on hold for 10+ mins.

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    Thanks for the kind comments (to us!). I think you’ve touched on a really interesting paradox of being ‘responsive’ and innovative and the size of the firm’s resources. For bigger firms, especially bank-owned brokerages, innovation is trickier because there are so many layers of complexity and administration to go through. Smaller firms can probably get the changes done faster but don’t always have the resources to debug or provide traditional service to step up when the technology changes. Change is a six-letter word that is often followed by/feels like a four-letter word for many financial firms. Going back to your original issue, seeking out a mobile platform that can help execute possible equity and options trading, Qtrade just released an iphone/ipad version of their mobile trading site that you might want to request a test drive of (we mentioned it in the most recent weekly roundup). Good luck on your hunt and we look forward to hearing how it all panned out. Feel free to drop the comment in our new community section also.

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    Thanks for the response, and you do bring up a lot of other factors that are at play beyond my simple observation that it just doesn’t work for me. Unfortunately TD have not even made an effort to improve, despite having suitable offerings on the other side of the border. Technology and it’s rapid change is certainly an obstacle, but the bank/broker with arguably the greatest resources at their disposal should be able to field something at least beyond mediocre. I have gleaned a lot of useful information from your site lately and appreciate the effort given in to it’s presentation as it will ultimately lead my decision on who to try next. I will share my observations when I cross that bridge.

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    Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about the frustrating experience with mobile trading. We’ve actually covered a small sample of mobile platforms (which can be seen here.) and we’d love to do more! Mobile trading and platforms in particular are tricky to get right because technology moves much more quickly than many of the financial firms can keep up with. Different screen sizes, resolutions and form factors all play into the physical layouts. Start layering in the complexity of user experience, security, aesthetics and interoperability with other services (like banking) and it’s no easy feat to pull off let alone do well. While that is not an excuse, it does help explain why certain firms can make changes faster than others.

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    I have been a TD customer for decades and they have always held my mortgage and my LIRA from a previous job. I have moved my day to day banking to CIBC because the TD mobile app is horribly inadequate and hasn’t changed in years. I have recently started trading actively and the banking app is also the extent of their Canadian mobile offerings. After 2 weeks of fumbling with the desktop website on my iphone (the only way to place an options trade) I am ready to throw in the towel. I called them and asked if the superb ThinkOrSwim service from TD Ameritrade was available and was told no and they have no plans to change anything either. Overall a sad offering from Canada’s largest bank. If they had decent mobile access for options trading, and US$ trades I’d stick around. Virtual Brokers might be my next try, but it’s really difficult to find reviews of the apps outside the app store. Interactive offer a trial and the app looks great but they don’t do registered accounts. It would be great if you guys could do a hands on review of mobile platforms.

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