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    ravijot gill

    Worst than worst..Never have worst experience than this company ever in my life. trying to connect on the phone since last Friday. They will put me on hold for 60 minutes and then cut off with message..experiencing technical difficulty. Charged me $100+GST without any notification or my permission for their system error. when I called them on Thursday(when they were atleast picking up the phone) to explain them then the guy told me to go to the lawyer. I sent 2 emails with all the evidences and requesting them to please review it, correct the account and refund $100+GST. I am getting the email from the president to call the number which I am trying since friday. All other companies are deferring the payments, relaxing the interests in this difficult time but this company is charging you for no reason, Reps are rude and unreasonable.

    I will keep trying everyday until this get resolved. Will change my account to other bank. its very very frustrating. I hope someone in this institution reads the review and will get back to me ASAP to help resolve this issue.

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    March 23, 2020 (Toronto, Ontario) – Following a disciplinary hearing held on December 11 and 13, 2019, a Hearing Panel of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) fined TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. $4 million for failing to include position cost information within the quarterly retail client account statements for certain securities positions.

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    Michael Soliman

    You must be one of their developers working for TD Bank

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    Michael Soliman

    TD waterhouse is the worst ever trading banks. I have tones of issues with them and when you call for any I spend an hour at least and I hang up since it is enough westing an hour of my time. Some stocks EX. CEE can’t buy on line and have to call. prices changes up/down and you lost all the chances you have.

    I give TD Waterhouse ZERO out 1000000000 for my losses and time spent on the phone without answers listening to their stupid music.

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    The worst platform of all is Td webbroker. I would never open an account with them if I had the info. that I have right now.
    They are very much unable to handle their task. The always have their excuses for their error and faults.

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    Ron O

    I requested TD Ameritrade to transfer my funds from my retail account to my bank account. After a week I checked my bank account. I discovered there was no posting from TD Ameritrade. I contacted TD Ameritrade. I was informed that my funds were instead transferred to an institutional account without my knowledge or authorization! Now I have to fill out some paperwork and was told it may take another 1-2 weeks until I finally get my funds transferred from my TD Ameritrade Institutional Account to my bank account. Ridiculous.

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    A Customer

    TD WebBroker Watchlist and Holdings pages displays bad data
    Yet again, TD WebBroker is displaying garbage data in my WebBroker Watchlist and Holdings page:
    Eg. it is 9:26am Aug.14/2019
    Enbridge (ENB) closed at $45.48 yesterday, and it is now trading at $44.16/share. Therefore it is down $1.32/share, but my WebBroker account is displaying that it is -$0.58
    I have reported this same problem many times over the past couple of years, but TD doesn’t seem to be able to fix this problem. How am I expected to rely on the data in my WebBroker account?
    This problem never seemed to occur for the 10 years prior to a couple of years ago. Did they hire an IT manager who doesn’t know what he is doing?
    Jeez, fix the problem, TD!

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    Pro: nice looking interface, multi-leg orders on US, Ink research (insider trading), Think or Swim available for US Margin Accounts

    Con: poor website navigation, no multi-leg orders for Canadian ticker, only 2 leg orders for US, switched to Morningstar quant reports from CFRA, website instability – many, many bugs in coding, poor customer service when issues are escalated, incorrect options data, Advanced Dashboard is terrible (a high school kid could create a better platform), high fees, poor education offered, past activity limited to only 90 days.

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    After two decades of being TD Direct Investing customer, I moved my accounts to other brokerages, namely Interactive Brokers and Questrade.

    Here are my reasons:
    TD Direct Investing is way behind Interactive Brokers in terms of what they offer through their platform (Compare TD Advanced Dashboard with Interactive Brokers Traders Workstation)
    TD Direct investing flat rate commission of $9.99 means I pay 10 times more to TD for buying or selling 100 shares than I pay Interactive Brokers (only $1) for same shares!!!
    When it comes to Option trading: TD Direct investing charges around $42 for exercise or assignment of options and Interactive Brokers charges $0 for being assigned and very small amount for exercise.
    Incompetence: The main reason for my switch was constant frustration dealing with incompetent TD Direct Investing employees and their operating system. Giving wrong answers to my questions, sending money to the wrong TD branch for customer to pick up, making mistakes in implementing my instructions, prolonging a simple process that should not take more than two weeks to months, etc.

    Bottom line: Avoid TD Direct Investing if you are an average stocks/options trader with average investing knowledge and sophistication and you want to:
    Save big on trade commissions and avoid frustration

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    Don Piears

    I have shares bought through you but I cannot access your site. The only site I have been able to look at demands a log-in password, but previously I used to give parts of my password as requested.Also, the site doesn’t recognise my account user name. Please help.

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