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Event Review – 2014 Small Cap Conference Vancouver – Spring Edition

Event Review

While many have heard the saying ‘money never sleeps’ apparently money is also willing to blow off a spectacular spring day in Vancouver. Such is the sacrifice that die-hard investors were prepared to make as they attended the spring edition of the 2014 Vancouver Small Cap Conference. Following the Recipe As with conferences past, this conference followed a familiar format. ... Read More »

Canned Fruit, Concrete & Carats: Vancouver Small Cap Conference 2013 Review

Event Review

What do canned tomatoes, concrete and multi-carat diamonds have in common? They were among the investing opportunities discussed at this year’s Small Cap Conference in Vancouver. The Small Cap Conference has traditionally been a smaller sized conference that provides investors the opportunity to learn about investing in small cap companies.  In keeping with previous conferences, the event was held in ... Read More »

Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup – Oct. 5th 2012


Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup: As we roll into October, the Canadian discount brokerage industry continues to show signs of competitive evolution.   First, the huge news released earlier this week that Questrade will transition into clearing its own trades via an in-house clearing division (currently pending regulatory approval).  By replacing their current clearing agent (Penson Financial Services Canada), Questrade believes they ... Read More »

Event Review – Small-Cap Conference Vancouver 2012

SparxTrading.com attended the Small-Cap Conference Series held in Vancouver on April 10th. We went for a status update on the small-cap (short for small market capitalization – check out Investopedia’s definition here) companies but what we got was so much more. Guest speakers Ryan Irvine of KeyStone Financial Publishing Corp., Theodor Tonca of Vancouver Value Investors Club and Brent Todd ... Read More »