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Social Media and Investing – Pinterest


Pin-vesting Social media is increasingly becoming a channel that people are turning to online in order to learn and research when investing. As part of our series on using  social media tools to discover or learn about investment opportunities, strategies or resources, we start by focusing on the third largest social network known as Pinterest. What is Pinterest? Launched in …

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Social Media and Investing – Series Introduction

Social Media and Investing

Investors are always on the hunt for information that will put them one step ahead of everyone else in the market. In the past, the sources of information for investors included newspapers and television news programs, company annual reports, investment advisors and brokers, the stock exchange itself as well as investor conferences and tradeshows just to name a few.  Countless …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 5 – Think Like a Trader


Highlights of this Chapter Chapter 4 of The Mindless Investor was an interesting look at how Tyler got his start and progressed as a trader and we highly recommend taking a look at it. In keeping with the more instructive nature of this series of reviews, we chose to move ahead to chapter 5, which builds on the idea that …

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All’s fair in love, war and investing


An interesting article was published on claiming that clients of financial advisors who are also investing through self-directed accounts are “cheating” on their advisors.  While the tone of the question presumes that somehow individuals are betrothed to their financial advisors, what is more troubling is the construal of investors as “cheaters” for seeking out other services. The article reports …

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TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage is now TD Direct Investing

TD Direct Investing

It looks like TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage has recently rolled out its new name: TD Direct Investing. With the new name TD Direct Investing comes a much more user-friendly layout to their website, and many more pictures of smiley happy people. After waves of reports and surveys about investors requiring added support and educational resources, it seems like TD’s response …

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Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup – Nov 30th 2012

Discount Brokerage Weekly-Roundup

On the heels of the results from the annual Globe and Mail Canadian Discount Brokerage rankings, the 2012 Morningstar Canadian Investment Awards were handed out on November 28th and included a “Best Discount Brokerage” category.  While not nearly as well known as the J.D. Power and Associates award for Investor Satisfaction, the Morningstar Awards offer discount brokerages the chance to …

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FCAC Website – Section on Savings & Investment


FCAC – Savings & Investment Section In this section of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website, (FCAC) you can find a wealth (pun intended) of information on getting started with investing. Through this page you can learn about: Setting your saving and investing goals Government saving and investment plans Investing: understanding the basics Common types of investments Working with …

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Name: Investing Blog url: Description: The investing section of’s blog is a great source for educational articles on the stock market or investing.  Most of the articles are aimed at general or beginner American  audiences so they are good ‘starter’ sources. The content itself comes from a number of different sources and appears to update information weekly.

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10 Questions Investors Might be Too Embarrassed to Ask


While wading through the internet today, I came across this post on  It is the first of a two part series authored by, an investor information site, and it describes 10 questions that investors might feel a bit sheepish about asking.   The questions that are brought up could take up entire chapters or even books to fully answer, …

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Is Buy and Hold Gold or Mold?


An ongoing debate for investors is whether or not the strategy of “buy and hold” is better or worse than trying to time the market.  The advocates for each side of this debate are fairly passionate about their positions which makes it difficult for retail investors to sift through the numbers that “support” each side.  Even so, there are some …

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