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Event Review – World MoneyShow Vancouver – April 2013

Event Review

This year’s Vancouver World MoneyShow turned out to be a little different than most others. The exhibiting space felt a bit smaller than usual, the lineups took a bit longer and the schedule a bit less punctual.  As it turned out, this year’s MoneyShow would be the one in which this franchise would announce its Canadian retirement. The big announcement …

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Questrade vs Virtual Brokers – A Comprehensive Pricing Comparison of Their Lowest Commission Plans


Canadian Discount Brokerages Cut Commissions Canadian discount brokerages are in the midst of a price war.  The newer entrants to the Canadian discount brokerage market, such as Questrade and Virtual Brokers, have driven prices for equity trade commissions to below the $1 per trade mark.  With Questrade’s recently announced $0.95 commission per trade offering, they now rival Virtual Brokers’ $0.99 …

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Discount Brokerage Deals & Promotions – February 2013


This February will be the busiest month for football, love and RRSP deals.  Winning new business is clearly on the minds of big and small discount brokerages with a number of promotions aimed squarely at Canadian investors looking to open RRSP accounts. Kicking off the RRSP-specific deals are a couple transfer deals from the usually quiet TD Direct Investing (formerly …

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Special Series: Review of Globe and Mail’s Discount Brokerage Rankings – Part II


In part one of this series, we looked at the background of the Globe and Mail discount brokerage rankings as well as how they’re structured and who they’re targeted towards. In this next part, we take a detailed look at what the discount brokerage rankings are actually measuring and some interesting observations we made about the Canadian discount brokerage industry …

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All’s fair in love, war and investing


An interesting article was published on claiming that clients of financial advisors who are also investing through self-directed accounts are “cheating” on their advisors.  While the tone of the question presumes that somehow individuals are betrothed to their financial advisors, what is more troubling is the construal of investors as “cheaters” for seeking out other services. The article reports …

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TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage is now TD Direct Investing

TD Direct Investing

It looks like TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage has recently rolled out its new name: TD Direct Investing. With the new name TD Direct Investing comes a much more user-friendly layout to their website, and many more pictures of smiley happy people. After waves of reports and surveys about investors requiring added support and educational resources, it seems like TD’s response …

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Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup – Dec 16th 2012

Discount Brokerage Weekly-Roundup

As 2012 draws to a close, it looks like the discount brokerage industry is going into autopilot.  This past week saw the expiry of a couple of promotions. First, Scotia iTrade’s 100 days of unlimited trading offer expired this week.  This leaves Questrade as the only discount brokerage currently offering unlimited trades.   Speaking of Questrade, their “Ring the bell with …

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Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup – Dec. 7th 2012

Discount Brokerage Weekly-Roundup

Interactive Brokers made the news this week as it released its trading metrics for the month of November.  While not a perfect proxy for the rest of the investment market, Interactive Brokers’ transaction volumes, known as Daily Average Revenue Trades (DARTs) help to provide an indirect measure of the ‘health’ of the stock market participants including discount brokerages.  November’s data …

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