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CSE – The Exchange for Entrepreneurs

The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), formerly known as the Canadian National Stock Exchange(CNSX), is a service-oriented stock exchange built for today’s challenging market conditions – especially for emerging growth companies where every dollar raised counts. On the CSE, entrepreneurs spend less time managing their listing and more time focused on growing the company’s value for shareholders.

Listing Securities

Listing on the CSE is fast, friendly, and straightforward thanks to our knowledgeable staff and easy-to-understand policies. Once listed, issuers benefit from a streamlined regulatory model that saves issuers time and reduces their legal and consulting fees. With our enhanced disclosure model, companies are not required to pre-approve transactions with the exchange, meaning that financings, M&A transactions and other corporate actions can be completed more quickly and with greater certainty.

Trading Securities

The CSE offers investors a high performance continuous auction market, and a growing community of online brokers and full service dealers with access to the system. With a fee model designed to encourage tighter spreads and deeper order books, the CSE supports capital formation for entrepreneurs and their growing companies. Visit_Button

Websites That Offer CSE Quotes

Quote Provider Delayed Data - Quotes & TradesDelayed Data - Market DepthReal-Time Data - Quotes & TradesReal-Time Data - Market DepthKeying Sequence (Replace "SYM" with ticker symbol)Website
Google Finance
(Free Real-Time)
Interactive Data (eSignal)
PC Quote Canada (Market-Q)
QuoteMedia (Quotestream)
Thomson Reuters (Thomson One &
The Canadian Securities Exchange is actively expanding the availability of quotes and trade information. If a provider you regularly use is not listed above, please contact us.

Online Brokerage Data Providers

Quote ProviderOrder EntryDelayed Data - Quotes & TradesDelayed Data - Market DepthReal-Time Data - Quotes & TradesReal-Time Data - Market DepthKeying Sequence (Replace "SYM" with ticker symbol)Website
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While most major Canadian discount brokerages are connected to the Canadian Securities Exchange, the CSE is actively working on expanding the availability of quotes and online trading access within discount brokerages across North America. You can help the CSE by requesting CSE trading access and market data from your current provider. If you are an international investor, please contact the CSE for more information on trading Canadian securities from abroad.

CSE Website Links

Here are some useful links to important information on the CSE website.

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