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Kind of a Big Deal: Scotia iTrade Raises the Stakes for Discount Brokerage Deals

Earlier last week the Canadian discount brokerage landscape saw a massive deal unfold. Scotia iTrade, one of Canada’s bank-owned online brokerages, launched their latest offer: 500 commission-free trades or $500 cash back for deposits of $500,000 (or more). Yes, that’s correct, 500 commission-free trades or $500 cash back. Aside from the headline grabbing numbers, what arguably makes Scotia iTrade’s most …

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Scotia iTrade Launches Loyalty Pricing Program

Here’s a question few people get asked in their day: what would it take to join a club that let’s DIY investors pay $9.99 in commission per trade? Well, if that ‘club’ is online broker Scotia iTrade, the answer is $50,000. At first blush the number may seem steep, however because of how that $50,000 threshold gets calculated, Scotia iTrade’s …

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Looking for a Hot Date? Desjardins Online Brokerage’s Education Calendar Gets a Makeover

In a landscape littered with commission price drops, lowering price can only go so far in winning the attention and loyalty of potential and existing DIY investor clients. So, what is the secret ingredient Canadian online brokerages need in order to win the attention of self-directed investors? It’s no secret actually – build something really helpful. With the update of …

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Deal Review: Questrade’s Commission-Free-Trade-per-Month Offer

The latest offer put forth from Questrade is a sign that Canadian discount brokerages are gearing up to compete even more creatively for new clients. In this post we take a detailed look at Questrade’s commission-free-trade-per-month offer to see what consumers are being offered and what potential strategies might be at play from Questrade’s end. What is the offer? Questrade …

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