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Special Series: J.D. Power & Associates – Discount Brokerage Rankings Explained Part 1

Introduction In the first part of our special series on discount brokerage rankings and reviews, we take a look at one of the most popular consumer research organizations, J.D. Power and Associates, and their annual survey of self-directed investors’ impressions of Canadian discount brokerages known as the Investor Satisfaction survey.  The results from this survey form the basis for the …

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Special Series: A comparison of the Canadian Discount Brokerage Comparisons

Canadian Discount Brokerage

As part of a special series on the comparison of Canadian discount brokerages, we’re taking a look at some of the major providers of this information so that self-directed investors and those interested in researching Canadian discount brokerages can gain a better understanding of the types of research that is done, what the results of that research mean and some …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 1: You Can Beat the Market – Chapter Review

Highlights of Chapter 1 – The Mindless Investor In the introductory chapter of The Mindless Investor, Tyler Bollhorn sets up several important ideas and goes through some common pitfalls of most self-directed investors. Here are three key points from chapter 1. Key Point #1: Most Stocks Don’t Beat the Market The first and most important theme of the first chapter …

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