Taking the hard work out of picking the best online discount brokerage

One of the hardest parts of getting started with investing or trading is understanding what options you have when choosing between discount brokerage, trading platforms, investment research and educational firms. While many people focus on picking stocks, a very important part of your overall performance depends on the choices you make with these key ingredients.  Remember that the goal of investing or trading is to make money and to do that you have remember that your profits depend on both making money (revenues) and keeping your costs low (costs).

To get the best value for your money, you have to make wise choices.  When choosing an online discount brokerage in Canada, for example, it would be a very time consuming and mentally draining effort to sift through 15 major discount brokers to find the right one.  At Sparx we understood the difficulty and frustration because that’s exactly what we, as do-it-yourself’ers, had to do too.  While other comparisons are out there, our approach to designing comparisons is built with the needs of our audience in mind.  Making the right decisions means having information in an easy to understand format, that is engaging and free from a lot of the noise currently present on many financial information sites.

Even though we are not a substitute for doing your homework and reading the fine print, what we can do is make that process of looking around much more efficient and far less stressful.  Getting better performance, saving time and saving money for a few minutes of reading sounds like a great trade to us. Click below to access our comparisons.


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