Trading 101

How to Choose an Online Discount Broker


With over 15 discount brokerages in Canada to choose from, picking the best online discount broker can seem like a daunting task.  We’ve tried to make that task a lot simpler by putting together a comprehensive comparison and review section on the Canadian discount brokerages. One of the most important factors in choosing a discount brokerage firm is definitely the ... Read More »

On Demand Webinar & Seminar Videos

seminar webinar

Below is a list of “on demand” educational seminars and webinars from a variety of Canadian discount brokerages on a variety of investing-related topics.  To access them, simply click on the video links.  As this list will be constantly reviewed and updated, check back for more links/videos. Read More »

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

With so many people talking about technical analysis and using stock charts to help make trading and investing decisions, here are some good tutorials to get your feet wet with some of the key concepts and terms used in technical approaches. Top marks go to the folks at Interactive Brokers for preparing this handy introduction to technical analysis:   ... Read More »

Short Selling – Two Perspectives


Ever wondered how shorting a stock works? A couple of handy tutorials help explain this often misunderstood approach to trading: The first is a bit of a technical explanation prepared by Interactive Brokers on how a short sale works:   A simpler version prepared by the Khan Academy can be found here: Read More »

Know your customers and your competition

It almost seems so obvious that businesses should know who their customers are. In the real world, many small businesses can get to know their customers’ buying habits and taste, and they even might get to be on a first name basis with them. As companies get bigger, they don’t see customers per se, they see statistics about their customers, ... Read More »

An Intro to Markets

What makes a market? If there’s one thing that you can guarantee about the stock market, it’s that everyone has an opinion. At first blush, it seems fairly obvious that with so many different people participating in the market, there’s bound to be differences of opinion. What many observers and inexperienced investors/traders don’t do, however, is to look deeper at ... Read More »