Favourite Blogs


Name: Mint.com Investing Blog url: http://www.mint.com/blog/category/investing/ Description: The investing section of Mint.com’s blog is a great source for educational articles on the stock market or investing.¬† Most of the articles are aimed at general or beginner American¬† audiences so they are good ‘starter’ sources. The content itself comes from a number of different sources and appears to update information weekly. Read More »

Seeking Alpha

Name: Seeking Alpha url: www.seekingalpha.com Description: Seeking Alpha is one of the most widely accessed sources on stocks and investing on the web today. It is essentially a great big blog with hundreds of contributors. Articles can be submitted by anyone, but they are subject to review before posting. Because of it’s size and following, there are many quality articles ... Read More »

Zero Hedge

Name: Zero Hedge url: http://www.zerohedge.com Description: Zero Hedge is a gritty financial information blog written in the spirit of being able to speak freely and sometimes critically about global finance and politics. The blog’s contributors remain anonymous in order to be able to provide information without getting caught up in the personalitiesof the individuals presenting the information. Because being anonymous ... Read More »

Juggling Dynamite

Name: Juggling Dynamite url: www.jugglingdynamite.com Description: The site is run by author Danielle Park and shares the name of the book she authored in which she warned of the perilous path the global economy was headed down in 2007. While the tone of many of her articles and talks reflects a fundamentally ‘gloomy’ picture for stocks there is a lot ... Read More »