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Digging for Opportunities with a Mercenary Geologist – An Interview with Mickey Fulp


If there’s one truth about a mercenary – it’s that they mean business. In a resource conference filled with stories, opinions and “potential”, it’s a challenge for professionals and novices alike to identify real opportunities from the pipe dreams.  Enter a mercenary geologist. We had a chance to speak to Mickey Fulp, otherwise known as “The Mercenary Geologist” about his …

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Tax Loss Selling – Bargain Hunting for Stocks

tax loss selling

For bargain hunters, “Black Friday” has become synonymous with big crowds and massive deals.  Retailers, forever trying to get an edge on one another, have also bought into (and fed) the mania that has now come to be known as the biggest pre-Christmas shopping bonanza of the year.  Is there an equivalent “discount season” for bargain hunters in the stock …

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Is Buy and Hold Gold or Mold?


An ongoing debate for investors is whether or not the strategy of “buy and hold” is better or worse than trying to time the market.  The advocates for each side of this debate are fairly passionate about their positions which makes it difficult for retail investors to sift through the numbers that “support” each side.  Even so, there are some …

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Following the “invisible hand” of the market


As a follow up to the article on the “vanishing trader”, we decided to look at the “invisible hand” of the market.  We took a brief look at the recent trading volume data (you can access this data here) published by one of the largest discount brokerage firms in the US, Interactive Brokers (ticker symbol IBKR).  While the available data …

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The case of the “vanishing trader”


As stock markets have continued to flirt with highs not seen since before the great financial crisis of 2008 and the heights of the dot com bubble before that, there has been a recurring discussion of the “light volumes” that have taken markets to these highs.  A lot of airtime has been spent trying to figure out where the traders …

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Interactive Brokers Releases Trading Data for March 2012


One of the largest publicly traded discount brokers, Interactive Brokers Group Inc. (better known as Interactive Brokers or ‘IB’) published their monthly trading data for March 2012.  Many industry commentators and trader’s alike have observed a decrease in the trading volumes over the past several months.  An interesting data point that confirms that observation comes from the March 2012 report …

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