Event Review

Event Review: Global Economic Forecast – The World in 2013 and Beyond by HSBC Business without Borders

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Vancouver was the last Canadian city to play host to the series Global Economic Forecast – The World in 2013 and Beyond that toured across Canada in November of 2012.  Put together by HSBC’s Business without Borders unit, this seminar featured perspectives on what is facing the world in both the immediate and not too distant future from two high-caliber ... Read More »

Event Review – TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage Direct Investing Expo – Vancouver 2012 – Part 2


TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage Direct Investing Expo Review (part 2) To view part 1, click here. Options basics – using covered calls After a long break for lunch, attendees were treated to a session from Investools, an investor education company that was purchased by TD Ameritrade in 2009.  Even though Investools isn’t available to Canadians anymore, rumour has it that ... Read More »

Event Review – TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage Direct Investing Expo – Vancouver 2012 – Part 1


The Vancouver Direct Investing Expo organized by TD Waterhouse provided self-directed investors the chance to learn about macroeconomic trends and issues coming in 2013, tips on technical analysis, exchange traded funds and several options trading strategies. This day-long event featured top-tier speakers such as Bob Gorman, TD’s Chief Portfolio Strategist, as well as a line-up of speakers from Investools, Horizons ... Read More »

Event Review – Margin and Short Selling by TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage


This past August we attended several investor education events put on by TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage.  These events were aimed at educating retail investors on the concepts, practices and strategies that will better prepare them when trading. The most recent session we attended was about margin and short selling. The session covered a number of topics related to using margin ... Read More »

Event Review – Active Trading Strategies Seminar – TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage


The Active Trading Strategies sessions that I attended took place at lunchtime in the downtown Vancouver investor center. The centre itself is a space for retail investors to directly contact TD Waterhouse representatives as well as catch up on what’s going on in the financial markets via the BNN broadcast or with newspapers provided. Also taking place in the investor ... Read More »

Event Review – Small-Cap Conference Vancouver 2012

SparxTrading.com attended the Small-Cap Conference Series held in Vancouver on April 10th. We went for a status update on the small-cap (short for small market capitalization – check out Investopedia’s definition here) companies but what we got was so much more. Guest speakers Ryan Irvine of KeyStone Financial Publishing Corp., Theodor Tonca of Vancouver Value Investors Club and Brent Todd ... Read More »

Event Review – Options Education Day – Vancouver 2012

Options Education Day is an annual series of events organized and hosted by the Montreal Exchange (part of the TMX Group) as part of their goal to better educate retail investors about options and derivatives products.  While options and derivative products are more complex than your average stock, there has been an enormous growth in availability and interest in these ... Read More »

Event Review – Stockscores Canadian Active Trader Expo (SCATE)

We stopped by the Stockscores Canadian Active Trader Expo (SCATE) this past week and had a chance to sit through a presentation by veteran trader and founder of stockscores.com Tyler Bollhorn. This event was also sponsored by Disnat which has launched one of their best deals/promotions alongside the SCATE tour.  You can find out more details about their deal here. ... Read More »