Beginner Investors

IIROC Tutorial on Trading Stocks

Trading Stocks

This tutorial prepared by the Investment Industry Regulation Organization of Canada (IIROC) is a great introduction as to how stocks are actually traded:

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How Stocks Work – A Video

Even though this video is very old, it is an amazing “investment” of your time to watch it. It’s an old cartoon of how the New York Stock Exchange works.

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Know your customers and your competition

It almost seems so obvious that businesses should know who their customers are. In the real world, many small businesses can get to know their customers’ buying habits and taste, and they even might get to be on a first name basis with them. As companies get bigger, they don’t see customers per se, they see statistics about their customers, …

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Sugar and Spice, and Everything Price, That’s What Markets are Made of

Most people know of a co-worker, a friend or even a family member who is actively involved in the stock market – maybe that person “made a killing” or “lost their shirt”. The greatest feature of the stock market is also its greatest hazard: namely that anyone with capital can participate. One of the biggest advantages that great traders have …

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An Intro to Markets

What makes a market? If there’s one thing that you can guarantee about the stock market, it’s that everyone has an opinion. At first blush, it seems fairly obvious that with so many different people participating in the market, there’s bound to be differences of opinion. What many observers and inexperienced investors/traders don’t do, however, is to look deeper at …

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A convenient way to think about trading

A convenient way of thinking about trading Most people believe that in order to be successful in business, you have to be profitable, and for the most part they’d be right.  The primary “goal” is quite easy to measure – are you profitable or are you not? If you talk to any salesperson or sit through any company sales pitch, …

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