Beginner Investors

3 D’s to make you a better self-directed investor


While many self-directed investors understand that managing their own money can involve a great deal of responsibility and work, many do not realize the important skills they need to commit to mastering in order to succeed.  Certain investors want to “dabble” or learn to trade with what they often characterize as “fun money” however losing money or hurting your portfolio’s …

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Educational Resources to Learn About Investing in Junior Mining Stocks


Introduction Whether you are Warren Buffet or an ordinary do-it-yourself investor, doing your homework is vital to managing your investments successfully.  Almost all of the experts we’ve talked to have consistently told us the same thing: investors need to do their due diligence before making investment decisions.  Given the risks associated with investing, the advice is prudent, but even more …

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FCAC Website – Section on Savings & Investment


FCAC – Savings & Investment Section In this section of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website, (FCAC) you can find a wealth (pun intended) of information on getting started with investing. Through this page you can learn about: Setting your saving and investing goals Government saving and investment plans Investing: understanding the basics Common types of investments Working with …

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Investing Online Resource Center


Today I came across a great educational tool for individual investors curious about online investing.   The investing online resource center (IORC) was designed to to be a source of noncommercial information about investing online and was created by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA).  While it is still online, the IORC does not seem to be updated anymore.  Even …

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The Mighty TFSA


Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) Many of you are probably familiar with the saying: “the only sure things in life are death and taxes.” Well, as of January 2009 there’s been a little ray of hope as far as those taxes are concerned.   In February of 2008 the Canadian Minister of Finance (Jim Flaherty) announced a new program would start …

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A 30 second primer on trading in markets

Bull Bear Boxing

Defining a market is as simple as picturing a boxing ring with two opposing opinions representing the fighters.  One of these opinions places a bet on an increasing value of a share price while the opposing side wagers that the share price will decrease in value.  This is the simplest way to visualize the market: a boxing match with buyers …

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On Demand Webinar & Seminar Videos

seminar webinar

Below is a list of “on demand” educational seminars and webinars from a variety of Canadian discount brokerages on a variety of investing-related topics.  To access them, simply click on the video links.  As this list will be constantly reviewed and updated, check back for more links/videos.

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Learning to Trade On Your Own – Discount Brokerage Educational Resources


Learning Objective – Discount Brokerage Education Resources: To understand the different educational resources currently being offered by Canadian discount brokerages Introduction Increasingly, Canadian discount brokerages have begun to recognize that retail investors require tools and resources in order to support them in managing their own trading activities.  Fortunately for retail investors, the quality and diversity of resources is improving.  While …

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Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

With so many people talking about technical analysis and using stock charts to help make trading and investing decisions, here are some good tutorials to get your feet wet with some of the key concepts and terms used in technical approaches. Top marks go to the folks at Interactive Brokers for preparing this handy introduction to technical analysis:   …

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Short Selling – Two Perspectives


Ever wondered how shorting a stock works? A couple of handy tutorials help explain this often misunderstood approach to trading: The first is a bit of a technical explanation prepared by Interactive Brokers on how a short sale works:   A simpler version prepared by the Khan Academy can be found here:

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