Educational Resources to Learn About Investing in Junior Mining Stocks

Visual Capitalist’s Crash Course in Equity Financing in the Mining Sector

There is both a great infographic and video produced by Visual Capitalist (along with Vadar and Cambridge House International).  Both the infographic and the video tell the story of how junior mining companies typically raise money from investors.

Visual Capitalist also has a great learning centre filled with infographics on a number of commodities and precious metals.   They provide facts and visuals about mining and exploration and as a result often work with companies active in the mining and exploration sectors.  As a note, many of their infographics are either sponsored by a company active in the area they’re describing or commissioned directly by the company. Jan 10, 2013

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  1. Kind of wish I had seen an article like this a year ago before I loaded the boat in APE.VN…. Whoops.

    Really cool looking infographic too, breaks it down quite well.

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