Educational Resources to Learn About Investing in Junior Mining Stocks Videos on Mining Stocks

The series explaining mining stocks is a great primer for understanding some of the basics of how a mining company reports its finances, the different company types and other important points about mining stocks. is a website geared towards helping traders learn about investing in forex and other markets.  There is lots of information and promotional material in this site so navigating it can be tricky but if you’re willing to dig through it, there are some neat educational resources.  The youtube channel (here) for InformedTrades also has additional educational material for investors.

Reading Financial Statements of Mining Stocks (Part I)   Jan 31, 2012

Financial Literacy for Mining stocks (Part 2)   Feb 1, 2012

Financial Literacy for Mining Stocks (Part 3)  Feb 2, 2012

Types of Mining Firms  Feb 22, 2012

Mining Stock Intangibles: Management, Investors, Jurisdiction  Feb 13, 2012

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  1. Kind of wish I had seen an article like this a year ago before I loaded the boat in APE.VN…. Whoops.

    Really cool looking infographic too, breaks it down quite well.

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