How to Choose an Online Discount Broker

With over 15 discount brokerages in Canada to choose from, picking the best online discount broker can seem like a daunting task.  We’ve tried to make that task a lot simpler by putting together a comprehensive comparison and review section on the Canadian discount brokerages.

One of the most important factors in choosing a discount brokerage firm is definitely the cost. Whether you are an advanced day trader or a beginning investor, cost always matters.  What we at Sparx Trading understand, however, is that for those who are starting out, understanding what questions to ask and, more importantly, how to understand the answers is key to making an informed choice.

More than anything, knowing what your needs are before you go shopping around will make for a far less time-consuming experience.  In the links listed below, we’ve tried to break down the process of choosing an online discount brokerage into ‘bite-sized’ pieces so that you can get the relevant information without getting overwhelmed.  We hope you find this useful and please let us know your feedback by sending us a note.


Part 1:  Introduction

Part 2:  What is an Online Discount Brokerage?

Part 3:  Account Types

Part 4:  Commission Pricing I

Part 5:  Commission Pricing II

Part 6:  Beyond Commission Pricing


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