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The Mindless Investor Chapter 8 – You Should Not Do Fundamental Analysis


In chapter 8 of The Mindless Investor, the spotlight is on a popular approach to investing – fundamental analysis and why, according to Tyler Bollhorn, it is an inefficient approach for most small investors/traders to take when evaluating opportunities to invest in. The apparent popularity of fundamental analysis might not be driven by whether or not it works, but rather …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 7 – Don’t Be Average


Chapter 7 of The Mindless Investor focuses on the idea that aiming to be average is only going to get you average results.  In order to outperform the market, individual investors have to be willing to use tools and strategies that are different from “conventional” approaches.  It is important to remember that trading involves one party being right and one …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 6 – The Little Guy Has An Advantage

Mindless Investor - Ch. 6 - Feature Image

Highlights of this Chapter – The Mindless Investor Chapter six of The Mindless Investor looks at the advantages that everyday investors have over the bigger players.  As it turns out, smaller investors have better maneuverability and lower performance hurdles.  What it takes for smaller investors to succeed is a strategy that fits their size. Key Point #1: Use your size …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 5 – Think Like a Trader


Highlights of this Chapter Chapter 4 of The Mindless Investor was an interesting look at how Tyler got his start and progressed as a trader and we highly recommend taking a look at it. In keeping with the more instructive nature of this series of reviews, we chose to move ahead to chapter 5, which builds on the idea that …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 3: Be a Trader – Chapter Review

Mindless Investor - Chapter 3

Highlights of Chapter 3 – The Mindless Investor This brief chapter in The Mindless Investor focuses on what “being a trader” means.  According to Tyler, becoming a competent trader means first understanding what kind of trading style best suits the reader. The key points covered by this chapter are that trading is not gambling, successful trading takes effort and, and …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 2: Everyone Wants Your Money – Chapter Review

Mindless Investor - Ch.2 - Feature Image

Highlights of Chapter 2 – The Mindless Investor Three key points that are covered in this chapter of The Mindless Investor all revolve around investors taking responsibility for their financial decisions. Understanding that trading is a battle, that the market is filled with competing interests and that “the market” itself can be a source of information are key for self-directed …

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The Mindless Investor Chapter 1: You Can Beat the Market – Chapter Review

Chasing the Market

Highlights of Chapter 1 – The Mindless Investor In the introductory chapter of The Mindless Investor, Tyler Bollhorn sets up several important ideas and goes through some common pitfalls of most self-directed investors. Here are three key points from chapter 1. Key Point #1: Most Stocks Don’t Beat the Market The first and most important theme of the first chapter …

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Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup – Nov. 2, 2012

Discount Brokerage Weekly-Roundup

Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup There were a couple of really big events that took place this past week including the impact of Hurricane Sandy, TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage’s Direct Investing Expo and Tyler Bollhorn’s soft launch of his new book, “The Mindless Investor”.  Also November is Financial Literacy Month, be sure to pay extra attention to a lot of the …

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Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup – Oct. 26th 2012

Discount Brokerage Weekly-Roundup

Discount Brokerage Weekly Roundup This week provided an interesting lesson in activity fees handed out to one RBC Direct Investing client, covered via Global News here.  If you’ve got an account open that you’ve forgotten about, you may want to look closely at what you’re being charged by keeping the account open (you can check out our fee comparison page …

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The Mindless Investor – preview


In his soon to be released book, The Mindless Investor, Tyler Bollhorn goes ‘head to head’ with the biggest enemy of most stock traders: their common sense. According to the main theme of the book, if you try to use your head you won’t get ahead and that is because, as Tyler puts it, “without understanding what drives stock prices …

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