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Canadian Securities Regulators’ Resources for Canadian Investors

canadian securities regulators

Whether you are a beginner investor or a seasoned pro, staying on top of the mountains of investment information available online is a constant challenge.  The sheer quantity of information often makes it difficult to find quality, reliable sources to turn to. With so many opinions to wade through  investors have to constantly be cautious about where their information is …

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FCAC Website – Section on Savings & Investment


FCAC – Savings & Investment Section In this section of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website, (FCAC) you can find a wealth (pun intended) of information on getting started with investing. Through this page you can learn about: Setting your saving and investing goals Government saving and investment plans Investing: understanding the basics Common types of investments Working with …

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Investing Online Resource Center


Today I came across a great educational tool for individual investors curious about online investing.   The investing online resource center (IORC) was designed to to be a source of noncommercial information about investing online and was created by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA).  While it is still online, the IORC does not seem to be updated anymore.  Even …

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Get Smarter About Money

Site: http://www.getsmarteraboutmoney.ca  Technical Analysis Tools: no Fundamental Analysis Tools: no Markets Covered:  Canada Notes: Get Smarter About Money is a collection of really well-written and easy to understand resources on personal finance, including many sections and resources related to investing.  Although this is not a tool for stock-specific research, it is a very handy website to consult, especially for beginner investors. …

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Options Industry Council – www.optionseducation.org

Site: http://www.optionseducation.org/en.html Technical Analysis Tools: no Fundamental Analysis Tools: yes Markets Covered: US, Canada Notes: The Options Industry Council has recently redesigned their website and has done an amazing job, providing excellent user experience and quality, reliable information.  With tools and resources including an Options Calculator, Virtual Trading System and Position Simulator, you can test out trading strategies or evaluate …

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Site: www.tradescores.com Technical Analysis Tools: Yes Fundamental Analysis Tools: Yes Markets Covered: US, Canada Notes: Tradescores is a great market analysis and training tool for beginners and intermediate traders. One of the greatest features of this site is the trading simulation tool which allows you to practice what it would be like to execute trades with a “practice” account. Unlike …

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Site: www.stockcharts.com Technical Analysis Tools: Yes Fundamental Analysis Tools: Yes Markets Covered: US, Canada Notes: A great site for technical analysis information, stockcharts.com has a comprehensive section called “ChartSchool” where you get as much technical info as you can handle. There are several great articles in this area that explain fundamental and technical analyses, as well as incredible sections on …

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Site: www.freestockcharts.com Technical Analysis Tools: Yes Fundamental Analysis Tools: Yes Markets Covered: US, Canada Notes: This is by far one of the most versatile free resources available to individuals looking for market information. The biggest strengths of Freestockcharts.com are that it provides near real-time data (basically as trades are happening), it has an incredibly easy to use charting program, a …

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Finviz.com Site: www.Finviz.com Technical Analysis Tools: Yes Fundamental Analysis Tools: Yes Markets Covered: US Notes: This is a fantastic site that provides market information throughout the day as well as some incredibly powerful yet easy to use filters to scan through the US stock markets. It is far and away one of my most favourite tools to use and best …

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