Event Review

Event Review: Mutual Funds for the Self-Directed Investor


For many DIY investors, the idea of investing in the markets using mutual funds is somewhat of a controversial topic. So, it was interesting to see one of Canada’s largest online brokerages, TD Direct Investing, provide a webinar for DIY investors on the topic of mutual fund investing. On the one hand, there’s no disputing the popularity of mutual funds ... Read More »

Event Review – 2014 Small Cap Conference Vancouver – Spring Edition

Event Review

While many have heard the saying ‘money never sleeps’ apparently money is also willing to blow off a spectacular spring day in Vancouver. Such is the sacrifice that die-hard investors were prepared to make as they attended the spring edition of the 2014 Vancouver Small Cap Conference. Following the Recipe As with conferences past, this conference followed a familiar format. ... Read More »

Digging, Dollars & Donuts – VRIC 2014 Event Review

Event Review

If there’s any good news to be found in the junior mining sector, it’s that those companies struggling to stay afloat are still around to struggle.  While the weight of negative news and uncertain forecasts still weighed on investors, this year’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC) nonetheless contained an interesting cross section of attitudes about where things in the junior ... Read More »

Canned Fruit, Concrete & Carats: Vancouver Small Cap Conference 2013 Review

Event Review

What do canned tomatoes, concrete and multi-carat diamonds have in common? They were among the investing opportunities discussed at this year’s Small Cap Conference in Vancouver. The Small Cap Conference has traditionally been a smaller sized conference that provides investors the opportunity to learn about investing in small cap companies.  In keeping with previous conferences, the event was held in ... Read More »

Bulls, Brew & Bottoms: Review of the Vancouver World Resource Investment Conference 2013

Event Review

This year’s World Resource Investment Conference (WRIC) in Vancouver came a bit earlier in the calendar than last year’s conference against the backdrop of a mining and exploration market fraught with pain and nervousness. In the mining sector, hope seems to be the rare commodity everyone is looking for these days. The two-day WRIC featured the standard recipe of resource ... Read More »

Event Review – World MoneyShow Vancouver – April 2013

Event Review

This year’s Vancouver World MoneyShow turned out to be a little different than most others. The exhibiting space felt a bit smaller than usual, the lineups took a bit longer and the schedule a bit less punctual.  As it turned out, this year’s MoneyShow would be the one in which this franchise would announce its Canadian retirement. The big announcement ... Read More »

Event Review – 2013 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference – Cambridge House International


Continuing in its tradition of providing a forum for investors to connect with resource and exploration companies, great speakers and one another, the 2013 edition of the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference by Cambridge House International was by many accounts, a successful event. The official numbers reported over 10,000 individuals in attendance over the two days, taking in just over 500 ... Read More »

Event Review: Stock Chatter – TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage

Event Review

We recently attended a roundtable event provided by TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage entitled “Stock Chatter” at their downtown Vancouver Investor Centre. This educational session lasted an hour and a half and provided the audience with an overview of current stock  market conditions and  two different approaches to equity valuation. The presentation also covered two case studies that provided a better ... Read More »

Event Review: Everything You Need to Know About Income Investing- TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage

Event Review

We recently attended the educational seminar by TD Waterhouse discount brokerage entitled “Everything You Need to Know About Income Investing” at the downtown Vancouver investor centre. This lunchtime session provided attendees with an overview of different fixed income investment vehicles such as corporate bonds and convertible bonds.  In addition, the session also touched on preferred shares as well as dividend-paying ... Read More »