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Virtual Brokers Introduces New Ultra-Low Commission Plan: The Penny Plan


When the penny was phased out, it was largely believed to be an insignificant little coin. For one Canadian discount brokerage though, they have cleverly fashioned this humble (and now obsolete) coin into a new offer that has become the Canadian discount brokerage industry’s worst pricing nightmare. One of Canada’s newest discount brokerages, Virtual Brokers, recently announced that they are ... Read More »

RBC Direct Investing (re)Launches Investor Education Seminars


After a long vacancy on the RBC Direct Investing website, the free educational seminars section looks like it has finally come back to life. For quite some time, the investor education seminars section has been more or less dormant and was pointing visitors to set up one-on-one sessions with its reps at investor centres. Recently, however, RBC Direct Investing has ... Read More »

Maintenance Fees Get no RESP(ect) at CIBC Investor’s Edge


The swelling costs of funding higher education are on the minds of a lot of folks lately.  With the speed and magnitude at which fees for post-secondary tuition are growing, simply putting money aside for “junior’s” education may not be enough.  It seems like even the savings have to go out and find a second job to support the idea ... Read More »

National Bank Direct Brokerage Extends Commission-Free ETF Trading Offer


National Bank Direct Brokerage announced yesterday that their offer for commission-free ETF trading has been extended out until the end of October of 2013.  The commission-free ETF offer was first mentioned back in April where it was explained in detail. Some strings attached To recap, there are a few conditions attached to this offer (full conditions are available here), investors ... Read More »

Mobile Trading Review – Qtrade


This mobile trading website review covers the major features of Qtrade Financial’s MobileWeb as well as some of the strengths and limitations for self-directed investors looking to trade on the go on this platform. Access to the mobile website is possible by pointing a mobile browser to As with the previous mobile trading reviews, a video walk-through was done ... Read More »

Mobile Trading Review – National Bank Direct Brokerage


Like several of its discount brokerage peers, National Bank Direct Brokerage has opted to use a mobile-friendly website to enable users with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access and manage their investment accounts.  As such, no special apps are required in order to access the mobile trading features of a user’s online brokerage account. The mobile website ... Read More »

Mobile Trading Review – Disnat Classic


This review covers the mobile trading website ( for Disnat Classic as tested on an iPhone 4s with a 3G internet connection and a demo trading account. To access the video review, click on the video player below. Disnat offers several different account types for investors of different activity levels.  Disnat Classic is typically for less active investors whereas their ... Read More »

TD Direct Investing Upgrades Investor Education Calendar


One of Canada’s largest discount brokerages continues to chip away at improving its website for investors. TD Direct Investing has quietly rolled out the long awaited improvements to their investor education seminar section. As far back as August of last year, we mentioned that something was in the works to improve the delivery of investor education resources however it wasn’t ... Read More »