Trader Tools Review: Tickerscores – Redrawing The Map On Junior Mining Research


Tickerscores is a natural extension of the data visualization work that Visual Capitalist has been doing for the past two years and is line with a growing trend of data providers making their information more visually appealing.

For investors interested in mining and exploration stocks, there is certainly the opportunity to do their research on a very different kind of platform and for that reason it will probably take some getting used to for many investors.   As with any new technology product there will most certainly be revisions and updates which will hopefully not impact usability as the product goes to launch.

What is clear about Tickerscores is that the platform does have the ingredients to literally redraw the map on how research on junior precious metal mining and exploration stocks gets done. How this platform ranks in the opinions of investors and industry, however, is the metric to pay close attention to in the coming months.

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